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Werner Puntigam / Beat Keller / Georg Wilbertz UND JA, AND YES,

zOaR ZCD 066 - CD / 13.11.2020

"With UND JA, AND YES, Messrs. Puntigam, Keller, and Wilbertz present a virtuosic music that operates across varied moods while traversing barriers of genre and style. This is accomplished not with a flaming sword but with sly humor and pointed technique. These pieces are miniatures and in their own way pay tribute to the master of the miniature, Anton Webern, who distilled primal energy into compact arcs of crystalline sonic purity. In this album, the balance between improvised spontaneity and structural integrity is achieved with the manifestation of pithy statements that never wear out their welcome but instead leave a lasting impression in the ear in much the same way that a powerful flash will imprint upon your visual cortex."

Elliott Sharp

Recorded in June and November 2019 by Andreas Luger at Rabbit Hill Studios, Steyregg, Austria. Released on November 13 2020 on zOaR records
Werner Puntigam: trombone & conch shell, Beat Keller: feedbacker electric guitar, Georg Wilbertz: drums & percussion

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