Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø & Beat Keller

Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø: amplified trombone
Beat Keller: feedbacker electric guitar
Recorded in Berlin DE to Zoom recorder, Oct 10th 2019


New album "Like The Grass"

to be released this Fall season on Kit Records. Recorded live in Basel, CH in June 2018. 
Feat. Cara Stacey, Galina Juritz, Antonia Ravens and myself


Beat Keller & Werner Puntigam

Beat Keller (CH) - Feedbacker Electric Guitar
Werner Puntigam (AT) - Trombone and Conch Shell
Live in Paris, May 19 2019, Excerpt


New duo Joke Lanz & Beat Keller

Joke Lanz: Turntables
Beat Keller: Feedbacker Electric Guitar

Joke Lanz & Beat Keller

Ich esse deinen Schatten

Micha Stuhlmann: Dance and text, Beat Keller: Sound, René Schmalz: Dramaturgical advice
Performances March - October 2019
Ich esse deinen Schatten Schatten Flyer back

Cao Keller Siedl: Album out now

"Modulus Of Resilience" is out now on Attenuation Circuit. 
Lan Cao - prepared zither, electronics
Beat Keller - feedbacker electric guitar
Gregor Siedl - clarinet, electronics
Get your copy here


ROUGH CAVE Tour recording

All shows of Rough Cave-tour in Japan in December 2018 have been recorded.
Preview: Recording of full concert at Apollo in Tokyo, December 14th 2018