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Rough Cave


Oliver Roth - modular analog synth
Beat Keller - feedbacker electric guitar

Whoosh! Smack! – The music produced by Swiss duo Rough Cave could be the soundtrack to a dystopian comic strip. A comic strip whose storyline can always be interpreted anew and takes regular unexpected turns: the perfectly ordered chaos, in which acoustic breakpoints are continually merged into a new ensemble. Rough Cave is a relatively new noise duo consisting of Beat Keller and Oliver Roth.

Oliver Roth manipulates sound with his modular analogue synthesizer as well as complementary electronic instruments, thereby creating a gloomy, futuristic sound atmosphere.

Guitarist Beat Keller uses an unusual type of string instrument: with his electric feedbacker guitar, a unique invention that uses an in-built loudspeaker to directly enable a feedback effect on the guitar strings, Beat Keller produces completely new sound structures. These sound structures, combined with Roth’s synthesizer, achieve an explosive synergistic depth.

Text and photo by: Philipp Bürkler