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Ciao Ciao Cello Quiero ver a ese monstruo

zOaR, ZCD 087 - CD / 27.7.2021

“Ciao Ciao Cello dance on the fine line between terror and joy with surprising improvisations that seem to emerge from a primal sonic place: music before the rules were written and after they fell apart.”
Elliott Sharp

All music by Lorena Izquierdo Aparicio, Beat Keller and Jack Adler-McKean (SUISA). Recorded at Zentri-Fuge, Berlin on 11th December 2020.
Recording engineer: Tito Knapp.
Released on July 27 2021 on zOaR records

Lorena Izquierdo Aparicio: voice, Beat Keller: feedbacker electric guitar, acoustic guitar, Jack Adler-McKean: tuba

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